Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bad Manners

The Dude is learning very quickly how to be a member of the Boner household. He's learning about getting up at 5:55 a.m., a clear five minutes before the alarm goes off, cuz he's hungry. He can chase the ball for you, but not nessessarily bring it back. The Dude's got his "I love you eyes, please, please, please, pet me" look down to a science.

While getting ready in the morning before work he will follow me around. I occasionally almost sprain an ankle to miss smashing him with my feet. Sophie and Jada on the other hand, once food time is o-v-e-r , they just lay around. If I accidentally let the door open while getting ready, they'll hop into bed. They pray to the Bed Gods that they will be allowed to lay in bed for eternity.

This morning something changed. My Dude was no longer looking at me with his little cute/sad face, he was in bed with the other dogs.

I am definitely taken a back. First off, please note that the sheets on the bed are almost/mostly pulled off the corners. Ryan and I both flail in our sleep. We both toss and turn all night long. My side of the fitted sheets is coming up before I'm asleep.

Oh, I see everyone is settled in. Awesome.

How exhausted can one dog be? Very exhausted I guess.

The Dude didn't even care when I walked out of the room. He has been totally brainwashed by the other two dogs. He is definitely a full fledged member of the Boner Taj Mahal for dogs.

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