Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coakley's = Meh.

Last night Ryan and I had dinner at Coakley's Restaurant and Irish Pub in New Cumberland, PA. Coakley's is about three miles away from our house, but we rarely go there to eat. The service of the wait staff is always outstanding. The are friendly and prompt. The menu online does not reflect what they actually serve. It does give most of the items, but what we had is not on their online menu.

We ordered the crab pretzel for an appetizer. It was really good. Very cheesy and had some crab in it. Could have used a little more crab.

We each ordered a burger topped with crab meat and cheese. I asked the server if anything else comes on it. He said that it's good enough as it is. Coolio. I love when servers give recommendations, it makes me think he actually gives a shit about getting a tip.

This is what came out. The fries were a little on the yellow/brown side. The were still really crispy. I ordered the burger medium and that is exactly how it came out. However, the crab that was supposed to be on there was pretty much non-existent. I peeled the cheese off and there was nothing impressive.

Where is the crab again?

We both used the Heinz ketchup, but Ryan was convinced that it was not really Heinz. We both looked at the ketchup a little harder and agreed it was more brown than the Heinz brand. This led him to go on a five minute rant about how shitty it was. Me on the other hand kept shoving fries into my mouth.

I was unable to finish all the food, so we packed the burger to go. The bill came to $30.00, now I purchased a $15 half off deal from Living Social. So, we paid on $15 for the meal and we tipped the server $10. When we left we saw the cooks outside smoking. Let's just say they didn't look like the type of cooks that love to cook. Needless to say we won't be back for dinner again. This was the second meh time we ate there. Sad biz indeed. Sad biz.


  1. Jon once purchased Hunt's ketchup and I literally told him I would move out if he ever pulled that shit again. What he did was completely UNAMERICAN. Ketchup = Heinz.