Thursday, December 29, 2011

F-in Christmas Trees

WTF. That's all I have to say.

Tuesday I was off work because I was feeling massively under the weather. Of course, with me being home, Sophie, is on high alert. Any noises from the outside are met with immediate barking, growling, and racing to the door.

I'm used to her crazy behaviour, so when she acted like a maniac at the front door, I thought nothing of it. Oh noes. I should have gotten out of bed and went to inspect. Some asshole dropped their Christmas tree in our yard. WTF? Dude. Seriously, I have enough yard waste as it is, I don't need anymore crap.

So whatev, right? Ryan put it out for the trash today. All gone.

Or not?

Our REAL FRIEND, who shall remain nameless, after some bantering with my husband, puts our address up to everyone letting them know we are accepting Christmas trees. WTF. I didn't take a picture of the first tree because frankly, I didn't think I'D HAVE MORE FUCKIN CHRISTMAS TREES IN MY YARD. But I was mistaken. Here is a couple pics of what I came home to tonight. rawr.

Needless to say when I pulled up to my house I noticed the trees immediately. And immediately there was screaming and swearing. A lot. Then there was more swearing, and well let's be honest, more swearing.

Sophie really liked the tree.

I do not want anymore trees. I didn't even have one up for the holidays. That's how lazy I am. No more trees. For fucks sake!


  1. I love how you spelled it "BEHAVIOUR". LOL

    Um, great friends?

  2. Yes, I noticed that after the post went up. Apparently my spell check likes the English version rather than the American spelling. I also say it in my brain with a British accent when I read it now. LOL

  3. Who would do such a thing? I know! Perhaps there will be more :)