Friday, October 7, 2011

Casero Pizza

Last night we went to Casero Pizza in New Cumberland, PA for dinner. The Patriot News did a little write up about them.

I wouldn’t really consider Casero the typical pizza shop in terms of quality. It's better. No fryers. You could taste the fresh ingredients. Good service too. The actual food preparation area was very out in the open. If you wanted to, you could actually watch them make your food.

Since it was our first time at Casero’s, we ordered more than we normally would. Gotta make sure we can give a good report on the food. We asked what Casero’s meant. Our cute little server said it meant homemade in Spanish.

Our first item up was mini garlic/cheese strombolis. They came out pretty fast. It came with a sweet tomato dipping sauce. The crust for the boli was out of this word. It was great. The bolis were excellent too. Perfect combo of cheese and garlic. The sauce could have been warmed up a little more. I probably could have been done eating after this.

We ordered a steak sub with sauce, cheese, onion, green peppers. We were told on the menu that the steak was from the West Shore Farmers Market. When the steak sub arrived it came with kettle cooked chips and a pickle. Again, the bread was great. Soft and had a lot of flavor. Best dough we’ve eaten in a while. The sub didn’t have much onion flavor; we could only taste the green peppers. The peppers tasted fresh. These hadn’t been sitting in some container in fridge for three days.

We also, order a Meatzza pizza. Wow! We ordered a medium. It came with hot Italian sausage, meatballs, two types of pepperoni and ham. This was high quality meat (hehe). The thing that Ryan pointed out was that even though we ordered different toppings we still got a lot of toppings.

The pile of meat on this pizza was extreme. Ryan could not stop picking meat off the other slices and shoving it into his mouth like I couldn’t see him. I’m like dude, I’m sitting right in front you!

We could hardly finish more than once slice each of the pizza. The crust a thinner crust but it was great. The owner ,I believe that's who is was, came over and asked us how everything was. The food prices were maybe a tad bit higher than other pizza places. But who cares? I’m so tired of spending money to get mediocre food and meh service. This was a breath fresh air with mouth watering ingredients!!

Will we go back? Damn straight we will. And I recommend this place to you too! It’s high time people make food with love.

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