Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Groovin it up

Saturday Ryan and I went to a 70s party at our friends house. It was really groovy and far out. Sorry, that's the best 70s talk I can muster. The best thing about the party is that I already own all the items that I wore that night. There was no extra spending required! It also says a lot about my wardrobe.

Not sure who's glasses these are, but they look good!

So, let's talk about Ryan's outfit...He also already owns the entire ensemble. We went shopping at the Salvation Army but he decided that his outfit was too 80s oriented. I kind of agree, but let's be honest, the clothes back then regardless of the decade were kind of crazy.

 I'm not sure what outfit of the 70s this is, but it's pretty darn funny.

Mander and Missy

 Ryan and my boobs

Tequila shots....not the good kind....but it did the job.

Rick and Steph with her new 70s outfit

I must say it was an awesome party. I did not have to drive home that night, therefore my pictures steadily got more sloppy as the night progressed. I think I tried making sexy eyes at the camera, which made me look like I was sleepy. Ugh!


  1. I want a 70s party! I have the perfect outfit. I'll have to do this sometime over the winter!!

  2. Let me know when you're going to have one! We already have the outfits!