Thursday, November 10, 2011

I apparently do not take criticism well.

Ryan and I were driving home from the grocery store and I was discussing with him how I have been having some issues on coming up with topics to write about. His words were, you are not applying yourself. Huh? Oh yes I am damn it. Below is a semi-word for word, blow by blow of the conversation that ensued after this devastating attack on my ego.

Me: Man, I am having trouble coming up with shit to write about.

Ryan: Well, you're probably not applying yourself.

Me: (Head spins) Huh, what do you mean I'm not applying myself? How do you even know?

Ryan: Cuz I've known you forever and you're not very good at applying yourself. Are you writing down your ideas?

Me: Yes, sometimes, no. I can't remember everything I think of!

Ryan: See, you need to be writing these things down.

Me: Whatev dude, I can't write shit down while I'm driving.

Ryan: You need to be writing these ideas down. You're not applying yourself.

Me: Fuck off. (Turns radio up, clearly I am over this convo.)

Ryan: See! You can't take criticism very well, you're turning the radio up to drown me out.

Me: I can take criticism well! And, this conversation is over.

Ryan: Did anyone ever tell you, you are passive-aggressive with your husband?

Me: No, I've never heard that before since I only have one husband.

Me: You know what?

Ryan: What?

Me: I'm going to write about this conversation we're having right now.

Ryan: Hmph.


  1. Maybe you can write about what the heck is your blog background? LOL

  2. You should write any and all ideas down. I have a word file (on my work computer LOL!) that has like every idea I come up with during the day. Then if I can always refer to it if I need help.

    Onto another topic since Sandy brought it up. If you want I can make you a blog header. I have photoshop so I can snazz something up for you. Send me a picture and what you would want it to look like. ONLY if you want.