Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday Night Delight

Friday night was a such a blast. Ryan and I met up with our friend's Steph and Brett to eat at MoMo's BBQ & Grill and listen to Nate Myers & the Aces. MoMo's is in Harrisburg on Market Street. I didn't realize they have a blues night every Friday. Nate Myers is a awesome bluesy band. It's been years since I seen them play live. But I tracked them down and they were great!

When we arrived at MoMo's, the staff greeted us and led us to a table. I turned around and saw a HUGE wall full of the different kinds of beer they serve. At that time angels and lights from heaven were shining down on me. Ryan and I quickly started looking over the book they gave us. He got a chocolate stout, I got some monster size beer. It was very good.

Really nice size bar and lots of big TVs

No matter what the size, it's still only one beer

Ryan the hubby
When Steph and Brett arrived we ordered appetizers. We each got an order of chicken and pulled pork BBQ quesadillas. Man....they were supreme. I could have just ate them the rest of the night. We each order a half rack baby ribs and sides. Ryan ordered the brisket. I wish I had enough room to poach some of his. There was so much food, I could barely finish my entree. Only thing I could have changed about the meal was I thought the ribs were a little well done. Don't worry folks, I still ate them all.
Brett and Steph

Ryan's brisket and Stella. Nom Nom Nom

The service was great. Our waitress was on point with recommendations, didn't push us or leave us hanging. She always seemed to know when we need more beers or shots. We each ordered two snake bites and two captain on acids. I'll know next time to stick with beer. They were literally in shot glasses. When we've ordered them at other bars and there was always so much liquid it was hard to swallow all of it at one time.

Nate Myers & the Aces
Nate Myers started playing promptly at 8 p.m. They were great. How many times do you get to hear some play the harmonica well? The whole band rocked it for hours. People were dancing, Steph and I chair danced too. Spent too much money. It was a freakin awesome night.


  1. Maybe future book club meeting place??

  2. Yes, it def could be. I know on Friday nights they have live music. It was fun, good food, lots of different beers. I'll have to monitor my drinking since Ryan won't be driving my ass home. By the way what is the next book?