Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Girl Crush Alert

I have a girl crush. The singer Adele. I could pretty much listen to her all day. I just heard about her a couple months ago. I was like DAAAAMN…who is this voice? It’s so sultry... Her voice reminds me of the old time singers like Rosemary Clooney and Etta James. I’m in love with all the old blues singers. I just imagine listening to Muddy Waters live back in the day. Music was so alive. So romantic, and sexy, and dirty all at the same time. There wasn’t some dude in the background saying we need a retake!

Adele makes me want get dressed up in a slinky get up and wear smokey eye shadow with red lipstick. Her music makes me want to dance in some dirty bar with dim lights. Where they have small tables cramped together with little candles melting on the tables. A dance floor where everyone has to be close, not these big nightclubs with three floors.

I also love the fact that she isn’t some little skinny chick with blond hair. I am NOT a skinny person hater. I just love that Adele is a normal size person.

I love Jennifer Hudson. She was a big girl that turned into a skinny mini. Weight Watchers has got to be loving her right now. They probably think she’s the second coming of Christ.

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