Thursday, September 15, 2011

All about Moi

Ugh....where do I start? There's so much to say, only so much time to tell it. My name is Rita. I'm 31 with no kids, two dogs, one husband. I live in a wonderfully quiet neighborhood where old people seem to be the norm. I gotta tell ya, my husband and I are probably the loudest on the block. Me screaming at the dogs to get back in the house, my husband Ryan screaming at me to stop screaming at the dogs.

I'm a loud person by nature. My voice carries. I don't have a quiet voice. My one dog Sophie actually gets quite concerned when I laugh. I think she believes I'm in pain or I'm dying. She comes immediately to try to "rescue" me. If she covers me in kisses, I gotta stop making noise right?

I've blogged before, but I gotta be honest I sounded pretty much like a bitch, well a satirical bitch at least. I constantly complained about work, in a funny way, but seriously I don't want to get fired for something I write on the world wide web. Do they even call it that anymore?

Anyhow, who wants to hear about my life? I totally wholeheartedly think you do. And I'm gonna tell you. Whether you like it or not. Here goes!

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