Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steals and Deals

I frequent the thrift shops often because I love cheap clothes. I don't mean I like clothes that don't hold up, but I'm hard on my clothes. If I'm not falling down my driveway ripping jeans, I'm running into the corners of doors or tables and tearing holes in my shirts. Plus any time I have a nice pair of shoes, Jada, supposedly the good dog, gnaws on them.

Ryan would say to me, maybe you should put your things away and that wouldn't happen, or maybe you should look where you're walking. I would agree that opening my eyes and putting my shit away would work. But I'm not organized, and I don't walk with my eyes.

Before I delve into my finds from Community Aid, (thrift store in Mechanicsburg, PA), I must first tell you about the clothes that I wear. I have pretty much three separate categories of clothes, work clothes, evening and weekend clothes, and around the house clothes. Yeah, I own a few nice dresses for weddings and such, but pretty much everything else falls into the three categories.

1. Work Clothes. These are the clothes I wear Monday-Friday, if I decide to work a full week. Pretty Plain Jane, but hey, it's work. Nothing too revealing and of course no boobs showing! I know I wear the same things week in and week out. There have been times that I've worn the same shirt twice in a week. I didn't mean to do it! I just saw a clean shirt in my closet and slapped it on.

I've had a dramatic drop in the amount of work shirts I wear to work. With my tattoo, shirts that would normally be ok for work have ceased to exist. This then leads me to shop more. But the more I go to the store, the more tops I find for non-work purposes. Which then leads me to shop more. Vicious cycle. So vicious.

2. Home Clothes. Miss-matched stuff. Hot pink sweat pants, wacky lounging dresses. Workout clothes fall into this category as well. I wear them even though I don't really work out. I do try to go out in public with these on sometimes. Ryan will usually try to step in and stop me from doing so. He'll say are you really wearing that? I'm like yeah? Ummm....Silence.

3. Going Out Clothes. Shirts that have funny sayings and ones that show a lot of cleavage, not necessarily on the same top. I can't help it. My boobs are the size of your head. You say to yourself, but wait I have a really big head. Well, I say to you, my boobs are still bigger than your really big head. I didn't ask for them, believe me. Any shirt or blouse that has even an inch of a V-cut shows off my boobs and a cavernous amount of cleavage. I do have a few skirts I wear; all of them not appropriate for the work place. Plus, my legs are always too bruised or cut up to be wearing skirts at work.

Pair this up with some gaudy jewelry
and some black boots. We will have a
If I didn't have a tattoo this
would be a work shirt

All jokes aside, I'll have to show you my steals from the thrift store. I know that I made out because the one dress is normally priced at $69.50! How do I know this you ask? The stinking dress still had the tag on it.
I got it for $10.00.
I spent a total of $21.00 on everything.


  1. I just got a GORGEOUS gray cashmere sweater at Community Aid for $10!

    Once, I spent $60 and got like 25 pieces of clothing. WIN!

  2. Rita we need to go to NY together so I can take you to the Queens Goodwill. Everything is in HUGE bins that you have to sort through but you pay by the pound. All clothing is 1.69 a lb! I got a huge bag for $10!! Whoop Whoop.

  3. Hellz yea! I'm down for a NY thrift trip.