Saturday, October 15, 2011

Johnny Joes & Adrian Blitzer

We were out last night like a boner in sweat pants. Last night was the official party night of our anniversary. We first stopped to visit with the Ryan's folks and Uncle Bob at Snappers. We then made our way over to Johnny Joes to meet up with other friends to listen to Adrian Blitzer rock the house.

Johnny Joes

First off, I love Johnny Joes, they always show us the best time. We always get wonderful service. And when you spend money you want to get good service. As to not become an idiot, we ordered a $5.00 large pizza. I got half mushrooms (Yum!) and Ryan had half pepperoni. The pizza was awesome! It was super hot and tasted really fresh. The only bad thing was that we forgot to take the left overs home with us. Sad Face!

Ryan scooped up his slices before I could get my camera out.
The pizza was very tasty.

Captain on Acid
Brett & Ryan
Steph & Ryan
Steph, Erica, & Ryan
Ryan may have his head down in embarrassment
Later on Steph and I were trying to do sexy faces at the camera.
Please note, I do not have a sexy face. I have a smiley face or
a face that looks slightly retarded. Here is my sexy face aka retard look.
I will not put Steph's sexy time face up, I only like to embarrass myself.

Now, the reason we are at the bar at all is to see Adrian Blitzer. This band is freakin rad. I had taken plenty of video with my phone, but I'm not video person. My hand keeps moving like I have Parkinsons. Not good at all. Then I kept moving it back to the bar where we were sitting so I could watch us ALL sing along badly. I found a couple songs off Youtube that show case the band a little better than me.

This video is when they played at the Drinkin Bone in Wormelysburg, PA. Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash

The band played all kinds of awesome songs. Kid Rock, Johnny Cash, Snoop Dog, Green Day, Creep by Radio Head, Jay-Z, Sublime. I knew and sang to the best of my ability every song with them.


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