Friday, October 14, 2011

Anniversary Breakfast

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy anniversary to me, Haaaappy anniversary to me...I mean us! Happy anniversary to us! This morning Ryan surprised me by taking off too. I had today off, but as usual, he didn't request off in time. So, I was just going to putz around today, maybe watch multiple episodes of Law and Order. But Ry got the day off! And I am soooo happy!

Today is magic number five. Ryan and I have been in wedded bliss for five years. LOL. Maybe it hasn't been bliss every moment, but I won't complain about my marriage. It has been pretty damn awesome so far. We do whatever we want all the time and have the debt to prove it.

Before I give you my anniversary breakfast pictures, I'm going to bore you with the story of how Ryan proposed. It's laced with obscenities, so children may not want to read this next part.

Ryan and I have been together pretty much since 1996. It has not been all sunshine and pink hearts. But it 2005 we were solidly together hanging out in my townhouse. I was washing some dishes (miracle!) and we were bantering back and forth. Now, I'm all about the marriage thing, we've now been going on nine freakin years. Marry me or just kill me already.

While still washing the dishes I wave/flail my arms around and in my most whiniest voice ask Ryan when are we getting married. I'm pretty sure there was a foot stomping in there too. Ryan returns with, "You wanna fucking get married? Let's go to the fucking mall and get a fucking ring." And right then and there we had my proposal.

We went to the mall right after we ate.

Best Pancake mix I've ever used. Biscuit is good, but this is better

Don't forget the thick bacon!

More rose pics

Here is the finished product. Note, there are no glasses for the milk and juice. We don't need no stinkin glasses, we're high classin it. Plus, we don't have kids to replicate us drinking out of the carton.

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