Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Days 30 Blogs.....Morning routine

Last night I found this awesome blog site called {tinniegirl}. I find a lot of cool shit very randomly And it challenged peeps to post a blog every day in the month of October. It's actually called Blogtoberfest 2011. Challenge you say? Yes, I accept. The only thing I keep thinking about is do I have enough content for a month? Will I bore you with every day posts? Can I really be funny/witty/awesome/charming/fabulous/cool/hip/out of sight for a whole month? Hell yeah I can be! But maybe only to myself and to my dogs. But you're going to see it and read it for a whole month.

First up, is my morning routine. It's the same thing every day almost. It may change slightly on the weekend because Ryan and I like to go out for breakfast. (The dogs still get up at six a.m., those bastards!) But it's going to be filled with lots of pictures of what I do it the morning! Like a kids storybook! Yeah!
Jada and Sophie
First things first. I wake up and this is what I see. Not awesome. Two little girls all up in my face and shit. As soon as my alarm goes of or their internal clock (set of course at 6am) they are all about eating. Now you may ask, why are they so close to your face Rita? My answer is Ryan was snoring like a MONSTER and I went to the couch to get some actual zzzzzzzz's.

I have to pee before anything gets done. I get the stare down from Sophie. Jada is probably drinking the whole bowl of water because she's so excited.

Next step is to feed the Bees. I called them my Bees, it's short for babes. They pretty much inhale food on contact with the bowl. I proceed to let them out, cuz they gots to go potty too.

Coffee time bitches

Eggs, yes I will eat them. I normally would do two eggs and a piece of toast, but wouldn't ya know we are out of toast. Oh well, eggs it is.

Time to check the blog. And FB, and the Weather Channel. Not that the weather really screws with my day, but I look for Ryan. Then it's back to FB and my blog.

Oh, two little girls praying to the Food God. Anyone can be the Food God. You just have to have food.

Shower time equals tooth brush time, make up time, deodarant time.

Waiting for me to be done with my makeup.

Time to pick a Monday thru Friday outfit for work.

Sorry Sophie, you have to go in the cage because you cannot handle yourself.

Out the door to my car.

I've entered the shit box, I mean the Saturn. Time to start singing...loud.

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