Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big dog in a little bed

I'm kind of pooped from my weekend of glory. We went to Alfred's Victorian in Middletown, PA last night for the most fantastic dinner of the year. This morning we headed over to Adam's County Winery for a wine tour and tasting.

All this hooplah has left me tired. I watched several episodes of Up All Night and a couple Law & Orders. I meant to blog earlier today. But then earlier became later and later just didn't happen.

Therefore, you get big dog in a little bed. We originally got these two "dog beds" real cheap from that thing called the Internet. When they arrived we realized they were for small pets, not for 50lb dogs. My deceased cat Ozzy would lay in the bed when he wasn't doing bad things.

We got the bed out because we are giving it to Ryan's parents to use for their new dog. Jada has squeezed herself into the bed. She's been in it for hours. I'd have some pictures of Sophie, but she's only cute when she's sleeping. And she's been sick most of the day. Her sad little face is not camera ready.

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