Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter, Wedding, and a Halloween Party

This was the beginning of the storm

Wow what a weekend. We had a large amount of snow fall in our area and were out of power for about nine hours. The house was extremely cold. As in let's all snuggle together so we don't freeze cold. Ok, maybe not that cold but the house was 58 degrees. I like it that cold when I've just worked out in the sun for about twenty minutes. Luckily, we weren't home too much yesterday. We had a wedding and an awesome Halloween party to attend.

I really feel weird about posting pictures of people without their permission. But since a lot of the peeps dressed up, I don't feel too doucheee about it. I went as a Greaser Girl and Ryan went as a Mexican. (Insert several jokes here.)

Yeah, we know we look goofy. But who cares? It was a freakin miracle we even made it to the wedding. It snowed. A lot. Who ordered up snow for Halloween? I certainly didn't. And if this was anything but a wedding our asses would have stayed home. But guess what? It was a wedding, and we drove in the middle of the snow storm to watch our friend's Amanda and Jason tie the knot. No six inches of snow would stop us.

Mad Hatter

The Bride and Elvis. Please note the Devil is the best man.
It was a great wedding. It actually had to start late due to all the snow. It went off without a hitch. I am so happy for them both. Right after the wedding, we left to race home let the dogs out and head on out to the next party.

The next party was crazy awesome. Ryan and I didn't know many people there, so I just took a lot of pictures of the decorations. Again, I feel odd asking strangers for their photo op for my blog that they won't read. The party throwers had professional DJ Ray Rossi and a bartender. The decorations were scary. They were great!
DJ Ray Rossi and The Mexican

This dude was the scariest

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