Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I do during meetings.

"Meetings are what you do when you're not working."- Elon Musk

I can agree with that statement 100%. If you don't know who Elon Musk is, look him up. Super smart dude. Got a rocket up into space on his fourth try.

I hate meetings. They're boring and I have a tendency to not pay attention. A lot of meetings I already know what's going on or they have nothing to do with me. I just start floating away in my brain or possibly fall asleep. If you want me to pay attention you better just send me an email. Or even better talk to me one on one. I'm almost guaranteed to pay attention to you if you standing right in front of me.

While I'm in these meetings I doodle. Sometimes I'll make lists of what I have to do that night. Sometimes I draw flowers or spell my name in block letters. Totally fifth grade shit. Here was today's little doodle.

Normally, I would love to have this pic in my actual blog, but I did not realize that blogspot does not accept PDFs. Fail on my part.

I have a couple items on there that I was going to get from the store. I realized Ryan and I go up and down ALL the isles anyways; there really isn't a reason for me to write that shit down. Then I started to draw my sheep on a motorcycle. My drawing capabilities are much better in my brain.

When I'm having trouble sleeping, I count sheep. Probably many people do. I have cartoon sheep on little mini motorcycles that have to ride up a ramp to jump over the fence. Sometimes, if I'm not counting fast enough the sheep yell at me and the jam up before the ramp. Ryan thinks I should try to think of them as claymation figures. I like the cartoon version in my head better.

Anyhoo, my sheep kind of looks like a large mouse. I guess you can't expect greatness when I'm supposed to listen to people talk.

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